South Asian Seasonal Climate Outlook Forum (Winter Session)(SASCOF-17)

Climate Services User Forum (CSUF) – Water & Agriculture
September 23-24 and 28, September 2020 (to be held online due to CoViD-19 pandemic)

Overview of the Agenda

The Day 1 & 2: September 23-24, 2020 - Technical session will consider available seasonal prediction output from WMO Global Producing Centers (GPCs) and the Lead Centre for LRF MME together with presentation of country forecasts and discussions.

Days 3: September 28, 2020 – User oriented sessions focused on sharing, understanding and interpreting the seasonal climate outlook. It is proposed to focus on Agriculture and Irrigation sectors during this session of winter SASCOF as winter rains in south Asia play a crucial role in the productivity of irrigation based agricultural sectors. SASCOF-18 will feature “Climate Services User Forum focused on Water sector (CSUF)”. CSUF will bring together experts in seasonal predictions and operational users from agricultural and irrigation departments of South Asian countries creating a platform for understanding seasonal climate information to make effective use to manage climate risks in the region. The session will recommend further needs of the sector in terms of customized products and tools to support decision-making.